Monday, November 12, 2007

Ouch that hurts, going green & flush those toxins.

What a pain in the hand! Not sure what is going on. It could be from knitting with small needles or the position of my keyboard, but I have been having pain in my left hand since last week. So, I have been stretching my neck, arms & hands to try and relieve the pain. I'm praying that this isn't the start of carpal tunnel! Like I need that! Something I've found interesting: sprinkle turmeric on your veggies everyday to help with swelling, aches & pains. It's a natural anti-inflammatory! I'll try anything if it means I don't have to take Advil EVERYDAY!!

Constantly trying to go green, I've incorporated some new "green" methods into my life. Method? Yes, a great product and I do use some of them (i.e. granite cleaner, wood for good (in lieu of pledge) & their glass cleaner). Coming soon recipes for a green home - a great way to save money and go green at the same time.

Feeling like your dragging - I sure do. Its time to flush the toxins from your body each night. Here's the nightly recipe: Hot/warm water; 1/2 of a juiced lemon, 2 TBS of Olive Oil; Dash of Cayenne Pepper. I'm starting to night - results to come.

Finally, I would like to direct your attention to my mom's avon site and recent email. See below:

"Hi everyone!
I wanted to invite all of you to view my Avon website.
Avon is on the cutting edge of technolgy for skin care and makeup products. They have gifts for women, men and children at affordable prices. Also, they have wonderful and fun products for the home. If you haven't looked at Avon for awhile, I hope you will take this time to look at the wonderful things that Avon has to offer.
If you would like to order from my website, you may either order directly online or call me (303-438-8936). You have the opportunity to have direct shipping to your door or if you live locally, I can delivery to you personally. Direct shipping is free if your order is $40 or more. (Current brochures are included in your shipment.)
I would like to send you emails with specials from time to time. If you do not want to receive these emails, I will take you off my list. If you know of others that would be interested in receiving emails or ordering products from me, please pass my information on to them.
As always, I am available to assist you with advice on any questions you may have about Avon.
Thanks and I hope to hear from you soon.
Joey Lane"

My mom is also crocheting her heart out. I'm in the process of developing a simple website for her hats & scarves. I will post her web address as soon as I have the site up and running with paypal access. These are great for Christmas & Birthday gifts. Also, if you have a color combo in mind, she will accomodate for your order.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Bloggity Blog

So, here I am with my first blog "baby". Read it, ignore it, make comments, whatever... I'll try to post daily, but as many of you know I'm pretty busy, so that might not happen. I'll do my best, THO. Anyway "with and S" (thanks for that Cindey), I'm off to check on the baby, but will be back later to blog - some interesting things I've heard and seen today.