Tuesday, June 30, 2009


The pinafore pattern that I posted earlier is not the Angel pinafore, but the Baby Pinafore with Ruffles. Here is the link:

WIP Madness

Today I decided to inventory my WIP (work-in-progress) knitting and crochet stash. I was shocked at what I found! Ok, no I wasn't. I knew I had a problem that needed fixing, but in my defense. I love projects...I'm constantly looking for new ones...AND I need variety. So there it is...I just get plain old BORED when I work on just one project.

Here is the list:
Organic Cotton Baby Sweater

Ok, so this one doesn't count... I technically finished this cutie last night, BUT I need to weave in a few ends. This is called the "5 Hour Sweater" and I did the boy version (basically it omits the eyelet details to make it a little less girly).

Girl Version:

These are triangle "bandanas" for the girls. I just need to finish the ties and block - I needed to do this weeks ago. Poor girls. My goal is to finish before they leave on their trip to CA Monday. I used self patterning yarn and LOVE the way each one turned out different and they came from the same skein!

This is a chunky sweater pattern by Wenlen Chia. I'm stumped which is why I stopped. I've yet to figure out where to go next. This picture shows the body of the sweater, but I also have finished both sleeves. Someday I'll figure out what the heck the pattern is telling me what to do...

Rocker Granny Blanket - this is my first BIG crochet project. I hope to have it finished by rush on this one...for now.

Laced Sleeve Cardigan - I look forward to posting more about this project. It is the first sweater that I have made for myself. This is the back of the sweater and looks like a big rectangle, but trust only gets better. :)

And Finally!!! This called the "Angel Wings Pinafore" and is for a newborn (a lucky friend will be getting this). I just started this last night, so I'm posting the picture from the website and I'm posting my project - it is in a really cute pink, purpe and cream variegated yarn from Hobby Lobby.

Hopefully the next time I post my WIP stash - there will be new projects...until then...Happy Knitting and Crochet!