Wednesday, November 12, 2008

"If I Were President" a third grade perspective...

Every so often, my girls bring home little gems from school that warm my heart. With the recent presidential election, the Taylor's class has been discussing our government and the presidency. I found this essay that she wrote a few days ago and decided to share it. Here is what it says:

If I were president I would make more hospitals because I want the world to be safe and healthy so no one will get sick. If I were president I would have safe homes for animals because they help the Earth to be healthy and clean. If I were president I would help people that are poor and do not have a lot of money. If I were president I would give to the poor and the good. If I were president I would plant trees and save the whole entire Earth! If I were president I would save the people of the Earth. If iwere president I would be safe, thankfull, nice and forgiving to every thing in the whole entire world.

If only we could all be so pure in mind.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Support Crafters this holiday season

I really dislike buying gifts when they seem - unoriginal. I find that sometimes my gifts feel that way. So, I was thinking about this and decided that I'm going to try to do some of my shopping at Etsy this season. I have both Christmas and birthdays coming up, so I've already started searching. You can shop on Etsy by area, city, state, etc. so that you can support your local crafters. Also, you can shop by holiday, person you are buying for, etc. - this just helps your search since there are 1,000's of products on the site. Today I purchased a coffee cozy set - I'll be giving one to my mom and to my sister in law for her birthday. I'd like to mention that this is a nice "green" idea so that you no longer waste paper with the sleeves they give you at Starbucks and other coffee shops. Here is a picture and the link to the Etsy shop (KnittyBitties):

Here are some other interesting shops that I found on Etsy...check them out: - Japanese Inspired Candle sets - CUTE!

Happy Shopping!!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Blogger is lame, but for a good reason...

A few days ago, I posted some pictures of probably one of the cutest hats ever. I was going to sell these hats for Christmas, but I've decided to refrain from doing so this year. One reason for this is because of time. I just didn't think about the fact that I should have started earlier to get this done. Also, as you might have seen from my previous post (from yesterday) it is really apparent that there are children and babies in need. SO - I'll be doing some small charity knitting projects for this cause and for Colorado Children's Hospital. I encourage you all to use your talents this season to benefit those in need.

After sitting down and coming up with samples and designs, I will be selling the hats. This just isn't going to happen before Christmas. So thanks to all who inquired.


Wednesday, November 5, 2008

A new reason to come together as Americans

I understand that not everyone knits or crochets, but for those who do please read on and participate. For those who don't, please read on and enjoy the fact that we can work as a team to help people and cause change. Change can only happen with actions. Below I've pasted today's blog from Vickie Howell (popular in the knit and crochet community). Also, I've posted the link to her blog with this post.

"Knit One Save One, with Warm Up America!

Check out this Warm Up America press release about an exciting new program that we can all participate in. I'll definitely be knitting one, to save one! xo, Vickie

Big Stars Make Little Caps to Help Newborn Babies

Knitters and crocheters nationwide are mobilizing to help save babies lives. And there are a list of prominent knitting and crocheting celebs who are doing their part as well, including Save the Children Artist Ambassador Gwyneth Paltrow, actresses Rebecca Romijn, Debra Messing, Lisa Edelstein, Vera Farmiga, Mischa Barton and Patricia Arquette.

The campaign is called Knit One Save One and it’s sponsored by Save the Children (STC), the global health organization, and Warm Up America (WUA), the industry charity that works with volunteer knitters and crocheters to provide afghans and clothing for people in need. (For all of you crocheters out there, our apologies for being left out of the name. Our friends at STC came up with the name before we were onboard, but this is definitely for crocheters as well as knitters.)

The campaign is bringing U.S. knitters and crocheters of all ages together to draw attention in Washington, D.C. to the nearly 4 million newborn deaths that occur each year in developing countries. Participants are asked to create one baby cap to keep a newborn warm during the first critical hours and days after birth, and to write a personal note to the President-elect asking him to lead the way in reducing newborn deaths globally.

The campaign that kicked off at the end of August will continue through December 31, 2008. Early next year, Save the Children will take the personal notes to the new President to Washington, D.C. The caps will be distributed to mothers and newborns through Save the Children’s community health facilities in Africa and Asia.

Hollywood’s biggest stars made little caps in all colors and wrote personal messages to the mom and baby on a tag attached to the cap. Gwyneth Paltrow knitted a raspberry-colored baby cap gathered at the top and finished with charcoal trim. Paltrow’s cap tag says: “As a mother of two children who mean everything to me, I share your joy. Love Gwyneth.”

All of the leading ladies’ baby caps and cap tag messages can be viewed at An interactive web game on this page lets fans match the caps to their favorite stars. To view a special video message from Lisa Edelstein, visit Save the Children’s nonprofit channel on YouTube at To download a Knit One, Save One action kit, which includes cap patterns, cap tag and more information about the program, go to, or call 1-800-728-3843. Knitters and crocheters can also download patterns at the Warm Up America web site:"

Monday, November 3, 2008

Lame Blogger posts the hat picture!

In reference to my earlier email regarding custom hats, I never posted a picture. Thinking this would be ok for a short time until I found the picture proved that I'm pretty lame for thinking that was ok. So here you go my friends...that hat...

And a close up shot...
Taylor is about 4 months old in this picture and wore this hat for the rest of the cold-ish season (it was California...doesn't last too long).

Gift giving - time to plan ahead!

Hi everyone! I'm back!!! After a series of stressful busy weeks & family business, I'm back in the game. All of a sudden it occured to me that I need to plan for my Christmas gift giving...not to mention the 5-6 birthdays that I have coming up in November and December!

Just a reminder, my mom is still selling Avon and you can shop and have your order shipped directly to you if you use her website: All order over $40 receive free shipping. I really love the Liiv Botanicals product line - these are not harsh on your nor the environment. I've been using their face line for several months now and I'm hooked!

Coming Soon! Custom Child and Baby hats! These are modeled after a hat that Taylor had when she was a baby. She wore it ALL the time and we loved it. Her had - shown below - had flowers worked in with the yarn. My hats (for time sake) will be simple striping or will have a simple design - like a heart, flower, or another cute motif that boys may like. The nice thing about this hat it that it is square so it can fit a child for quite a while. You'll all be notified once the hats are available. If you would like a custom color, design, etc., please feel free to let me know and we'll discuss options. Once the hat is up, I'll let you all know.