Monday, September 8, 2008

Back to the grind...

What do you get when you have...
an Ipod...

Some shoes...

A treadmill...

And me...

A smart girl! Yep, I'm back to the grind and on my treadmill again. I really slacked off this Summer - not a good idea. I realized as I started that my muscles were super tight and I needed to start off slow. That really stinks - you get to a great place in your physical workouts and then you have to start from ground zero after taking a LONG break from it. Oh well - at least I'm back on track. So, I started with 2.25 miles at 3.5 mph. It took about 36 minutes and I was actually able to get my heart up to an aerobic rate. I thought I could only achieve "fat burn" or "max burn", so I was surprise and happy to reach a max heart rate.

My Ipod is the vessel that keeps be moving on the t-mill so that I don't get bored. Below is a sample playlist to check out. Maybe you'll be inspired to get into shape, also. Enjoy...

(Oh and you'll have to pause the playlist at the bottom of my blog in order to hear this. And if the player doesn't load properly just click on "pop-out player".)

Friday, September 5, 2008

Flikr Mosaic

This is a cool thing I learned on a fellow Ravelry member's blog. Here is how you play:
type your answer to each question below into
Flickr Search
using only the first page of results, pick an image
copy and paste each URL into
fd's mosaic maker
blog it!

The Questions:
What is your first name? Tami
What is your favorite food? cheese
What high school did you go to? clayton
What is your favorite color? red
Who is your celebrity crush? John Cusack
What is your favorite drink? coffee
Dream vacation? Italy
Favorite dessert? chocolate
What do you want to be when you grow up? graphic designer
What do you love most in life? family
One word to describe you? constant
Your flickr name? zteamtami

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Lilo and Stitch Dance Party!

I couldn't sign off tonight without posting a silly video of Quin and the girls dancing to the Lilo and Stitch soundtrack.

Ok - goodnight!

For you Ang...

It's another sick day for me. Quin is sick, also. So it was a day of cranky baby and cranky mommy.

I did speak to my friend, Angie, about Gordon Ramsey and I mentioned one of his cookbooks that I'd like to get. So, Ang - this post is for you:

And now I leave you all to go fold clothes, knit a few lines and blow my nose with the first sentence from Gordon Ramsey's "Fast Food":

"A well stocked pantry is essential to fast cooking."

Smart man...

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Trying to get my mind off the refi woes...

So, I've had some good and not-so-good news with my impending refi. So...

I'm trying to get my mind on better things to come. Could it be a new pattern for me? I'm currently working on a sweater (FOR ME!!!) from Stitch Diva - it's a top down knit pattern, which has provided some challenges, but I'm not giving up. I'm really digging their new pattern, so check it out.

If I knit this one, I think I'll do the short sleeve pattern rather than the long sleeved.
I encourage you to check out their patterns online - they are figure flattering and really quite beautiful.

Now I'm happy! =>

Monday, September 1, 2008

Wake Me Up When September Ends...

No just kidding...I'm glad it is September. August was full of fun and memories, but it could have been one of the most stressful months so far this year. Although I'm sporting a nasty cold that seems to be getting worse - I think this week will be better than the last few. Not sure why I feel this way - maybe I'm just being positive. That works for me!

I leave you tonight with positive thoughts for a wonderful September! Sweet dreams...