Monday, November 3, 2008

Gift giving - time to plan ahead!

Hi everyone! I'm back!!! After a series of stressful busy weeks & family business, I'm back in the game. All of a sudden it occured to me that I need to plan for my Christmas gift giving...not to mention the 5-6 birthdays that I have coming up in November and December!

Just a reminder, my mom is still selling Avon and you can shop and have your order shipped directly to you if you use her website: All order over $40 receive free shipping. I really love the Liiv Botanicals product line - these are not harsh on your nor the environment. I've been using their face line for several months now and I'm hooked!

Coming Soon! Custom Child and Baby hats! These are modeled after a hat that Taylor had when she was a baby. She wore it ALL the time and we loved it. Her had - shown below - had flowers worked in with the yarn. My hats (for time sake) will be simple striping or will have a simple design - like a heart, flower, or another cute motif that boys may like. The nice thing about this hat it that it is square so it can fit a child for quite a while. You'll all be notified once the hats are available. If you would like a custom color, design, etc., please feel free to let me know and we'll discuss options. Once the hat is up, I'll let you all know.