Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The BIG CIRCLE can help save the earth.

So, I have this thing I call the "big circle". I've always had the Big Circle, but now it seems more relevant than ever. Why? The cost of gas. I know I know...I'm sick of hearing and complaining about it, too. Just hear me out, though, because you might add the Big Circle to your routine. Today I had several errands to run, but I find I save time and gas if I plan out a quick map of where I'm going from home - then errands - then home. It's really a BIG CIRCLE that I drive in. Today went like this:

  • Home
  • Bank
  • Sonic - get the poor starving kids some lunch before I rip my hair out
  • Drop off donations
  • Post Office
  • Recycling Center
  • Home

Now your circle will probably look different than mine, but instead of stressing out, wasting gas and driving zig zags all over town the cirlce just makes sense. So, next time you have a bunch of time consuming errands - take 2 minutes and plan it out. I even write it down sometimes so that I stay on track. It works - let me know if it works for you.

And now a thought for today - "bringing hope to the table". This is a campaign I saw the other day while grocery shopping. I was buying cheese. It was on sale - 2 for $5 with the slogan "bringing hope to the table". Does anyone else find this sad? What does this say about our economy? Are the American people losing hope as the cost of food, gas, etc. goes up? I wanted to cry when I saw this. Any thoughts?