Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Basil For Many Reasons

As we approach the end of the gardening season here in CO, I'm trying to use my basil for as many things as possible. A couple weeks ago I realized that the basil plant was doing quite well. In fact, I had an over-abundance of the stuff...but I don't mind! So, I made some pesto (I've done that twice now - I think the DH and I have it down to a science with the ingredients). Yum!

After our trip to CA, I came back and found the basil was taking over the rest of the garden, so I clipped a bunch and put it in a vase.

Instant Arrangement and it smells
awesome! It looked better the other
day, but it is still making things smell

TANGENT ALERT! My cat has an
over-active thyroid problem, which
is causing him to be super picky with
his choices in food.

We've even resorted to giving him fresh salmon!
What is next? Lobster???
Anyway, he will eat a little salmon and then leave the rest. So grossed out this AM, I put the leftover salmon in the garbage disposal. EEEEEEUUWA!

It smelled gross...

OFF TANGENT! I put some basil down the disposal and it took the smell away! Who knew?! I usually put lemon in the disposal when I'm cooking with it and it freshens things up, but basil works great!

I took a peek at the basil/rose bush box today and saw my basil plant still looks pretty good - I'd better cash in on that abundance and make more pesto. :)