Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Obsession - ob·ses·sion - Compulsive preoccupation with a fixed idea

Ok, so from earlier posts it is quite clear that I have an obsession with fiber and multiple projects going at once. I started pondering the things that make me happy (besides my Dear Husband and Darling Kids, of course :) and equal - my obsessions.

Reading - I'm currently reading Twilight, but it is going a bit slow since I have that looming WIP hanging over my head. Its been about two weeks and I'm only on chapter 3. I'm really enjoying it so far, though.

Craft Blogs - holy moly!!! I read a lot of craft blogs! Look at the list on my blog - YIKES! I do browse these each and every day to see what people are coming up with and I just really find so much inspiration whether I try new projects or not. If your looking for something to get you out of your creative rut, I encourage you take a peek at some of these.

Etsy - this is an avenue for crafters to sell their goods. I'm shopping all the time on their. I wish I was buying all the time, but I do try to search there first before buying a gift. Currently I'm searching for a present for my Grandma's 84th birthday - which is next week! I'm not sure if I have time, but here are a couple things that I've found so far.

This is an adorable hand stitch ready to frame print that would look so cute in my Grandma's new bedroom.

This is an already framed print that would add a

little modern whimsy to her room. Love it!

For time sake, I might have to shop locally since I'm running out of time, but we will see.

Take a look at Etsy: